Current Volunteer Opportunities!

Please contact Dionne Myers, our HPCUU Office Administrator, to volunteer for these opportunities to serve or call her at 719-260-1080.

  • Inventory Manager:
    • We are looking for a volunteer to manage the church inventory.
  • Worship Team Setup Volunteers Needed:
    • The Worship Team would appreciate a few volunteers to help with re-setting the chairs before and after services on the following dates: 27 January, 17 March and 28 April.  Volunteers should be able to lift and stack chairs, follow directions in setup, and reset to the standard rows after the service.
  • Stewardship Chairperson:
    • Needed to run the stewardship campaign, with planning to begin in January and a kickoff in early March.
  • Finance Committee:
    • Welcomes volunteers with an interest in the financial affairs and tools of the church such as Quickbooks, Ministry Tracker, insurance, personnel benefits, fundraising, depreciation, and investments.
  • Leadership Development Committee (LDC):
    • Three vacancies to serve until the end of the 2018-2019 Fiscal Year. The LDC helps the Board select, recruit, and train board members. It also recruits nominees for the Leadership Development Committee. In addition, the LDC provides leadership training for the congregation.