Donate to Keep Our Ministries Going Strong!


Donations to High Plains Church are used to sustain and grow our church community and its activities. Our annual budget is prepared during the spring of each year with input from all teams and the church council. The proposed budget is reviewed by the Congregation and approved at its annual meeting each May.


There are several ways of giving:

Now, not only can you give with a credit card,
you can simply TEXT TO GIVE!
We now offer VANCO “TEXT TO GIVE”…
You can now text to give… To make a donation using the text feature: on your phone, simply text the amount you’d like to give to: 719-215-8657 (minimum of $3) and press send.
You will receive a response with a link to use to finish your text. Follow instructions from there on. You will receive a receipt text once you complete the transaction.
Using the text feature will be especially helpful on 4th Sundays, if you don’t have a check book or cash on hand. And, You will also be allowed to pay for coffee and chocolate, as well as, Sunday suppers with this feature! Just show you receipt to the person serving you so they can verify you have paid.
TEXT TO GIVE can be used for…
  • Capital Donations
  • Service Auction Purchases
  • Scrip Purchases
  • Annual Donations as part of our Stewardship Campaign, Special Gifts, and Planned Giving

All gifts are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. By recognizing our individual financial commitment and support to the church we return with gratitude the many blessings we have received. Please pledge generously.


Another way that you can help support HPCUU is to link your grocery loyalty cards to HPCUU.

WE NEED YOU TO ENROLL IN THE NEW PROGRAM so that HPCUU can continue to reap the benefits from your purchased.
  • Go to
  • Click Save option on the top of the web page
  • Click “KING SOOPER COMMUNITY REWARDS” (last option on the list)
  • Click on “ENROLL NOW”
  • Sign In If you are already a King Soopers Loyalty card member, log into your account on line using either the code number on your loyalty card or your phone number.
  • Search for High Plains Church Unitarian Universalist either by name or PJ373
  • Once HPCUU info comes up, click “enroll” and you’re done.
Anyone who needs assistance updating their King Soopers Community rewards information, can see Dawn Bergacker in the church office on Sunday, or during the week – during regular church office hours (Tuesday & Thursday from 1pm to 4pm). We can also set you up with a new loyalty card, and link it to your phone number for convenience.


Also feel free to visit our online High Plains Store at Cafe Press where you can find specialized High Plains merch like totes, mugs, and shirts!