High Plains Church Unitarian Universalist


Director of Faith Formation: Jessica Laike

Jessica is a life-long UU who is passionate about faith formation and is very excited about her new position at High Plains Church. Jessica has been working with children and youth of all ages for 15 years, including over five years of experience teaching/facilitating UU Religious Education classes for both children and adults. Jessica is a certified O.W.L. facilitator and is in the processes of becoming a UUA Credentialed Religious Educator. She is also contracted this year as the Youth Program Coordinator for Colorado Springs YRUU, the joint high school youth program with All Souls Unitarian Church. Jessica also serves on the Mountain Desert District Youth-Adult Council (YAC) as the Central/Northern Cluster Adult Representative. After spending 7 years in the business world, Jessica is thrilled to have finally turned her passion for religious education and faith formation into her profession.




Jessica Laike, Director of Faith Formation
High Plains Church, Unitarian Universalist
Office: (719) 260-1080 ext 3


Email Jessica at dff@hpcuu.org