Journaling Workshop

Next Class: Saturday, March 21st
Then April 11 • May 2 • June 6
9:30-11am • Fellowship Hall

Journaling helps us to see and know ourselves. It is a way to expand on half-formed thoughts — bringing to the light parts of ourselves that reside only in our unconscious mind. Once acknowledged, we can start to work with those once hidden emotions and beliefs in a new way. In this workshop we will talk about the value and the practice of journaling. We will have several short writing sessions (that won’t requiring sharing). Please bring a journal with blank pages and a pen.Cost is $10 per class for members of HPUCC and Unity; $15 for nonmembers.

Please pre-register for the Journaling Workshop and Facing Death with Life classes classes by emailing or
Sonya Bergeron will be leading both the Journaling Workshop and the Facing Death with Life classes.
She recently completed her graduate requirements at Naropa University and she will be receiving a Master of Divinity degree in December 2019.

From Fear to Faith – Activating Religious Commitment in the Public Square

This adult education class of six 90-minute sessions, will take place from 9:30-11:00am on Saturdays.
The times we live in are deeply troubled and our communities are divided. We seem to have lost the interest and ability to seek the common good, the well-being of all. Our socioeconomic system appears increasingly to be ill-suited for maximizing the conditions and opportunities for all to thrive with healthy, happy, and harmonious lives.
Yet, into this mix come persons of deep commitment in the progressive religious tradition and belief in the strong moral values that it promotes. We explore issues and questions about how our religious traditions can influence our lives as citizens and shape our participation in the public life. Our interest is nurturing a faith that animates our desire to improve the quality of life for all.
This class will be led by Rev. Dr. Douglas R. Sharp, Professor of Theology, Religion and Society (retired). The fee for each session is $10 for members of High Plains Unitarian Church and $15 for non-members. The fee can be paid at the door. If paying the fee for all 6 classes is a challenge, but you’d still like to attend, please contact Rev. Julia as she has scholarships availble.
There is a PDF reading materials that goes along with these classes, in order to sign up and then download the PDF, please sign up (sheet is on HP bulletin board) and provide us with your email, or contact the office at 260-1080 or email:
January 18
1. Politics & Religion – What Is to Be Believed and What Is to Be Done
    A look at The Seven Principles of the UUA and what is meant by the common good
January 25
2. The Good Life – Where Politics and Morality Meet
     How faith and public life can be paired in a democracy
February 8
3. Parsing Political Polarization – A Useable Religious Tradition for Social Justice
    There are several ways faith is a foundation for the Social Justice Statements of the UUA
4. What Have We to Talk About? What We Have to Talk About! – Framing the Issue
     Approaching the policy issues of Affordable Housing, Criminal Justice, Immigration
February 22
5.   Practical Dimensions: Having That Difficult Conversation
   It is possible to have a substantive conversation that engages differences of opinion
February 29
6.   Practical Dimensions: Advocacy with Decision-Makers – Skills, Research, Collaboration & Presentation
     What is always required in advocacy on contested issues is an informed strategy

Parent Bereavement Group

4th Wednesdays • 6:30-8pm

Starting Feb. 26th

A monthly grief support group for bereaved parents, adult siblings, and grandparents is now forming. We will be meeting on the fourth Wednesday of each month at High Plains Church Unitarian Universalist from 6:30pm to 8:00pm, starting February 26th. The group is free and open to the public. So please invite others to join us as we offer care, support, understanding and hope to others to others who have experienced child loss. We will be journeying together to find our way to a positive resolution of our grief. The meetings will be led by Sonya Bergeron. Please RSVP by emailing the church office at

Multicultural Working Group

Saturday, Feb. 29th • 11:30am-1pm • Fillmore Center

Do you want to be a part of the solution? Do you want to work to help make our community stronger and better?
Come join us for conversation and fellowship.