September 25, 2018

The Religious Professionals (Ministers & Religious Educators) of the congregations who have historically participated in the UU 9th Grade Trip have collectively made the decision to discontinue our participation in and financial support for the 9th Grade Trip. We will enter a period of discernment this year regarding a future district sponsored youth immersion experience.

For the past several years the UU Religious Professionals have been in ongoing conversations with 9th Grade Trip leaders about the practices, policies, procedures and content of the 9th Grade Trip. In early 2018, we began an extensive and collaborative process of formal evaluation and requested revisions to the trip. As a result of this process and through much collective discernment, we have decided to discontinue our participation in the trip. Our primary goal is to facilitate the development of another immersion experience for our youth that supports their Unitarian Universalist faith development at this important life stage.

We honor the many gifts that the UU 9th Grade Trip has brought to our youth for over fifty years and look forward to gathering the input of 9th Grade Trip leaders and our congregations to co-create a new youth immersion experience.

In Faith,

Religious Professionals from:

Unitarian Universalist Church of Cheyenne

Foothills Unitarian Church

Namaqua UU Congregation

Boulder Valley UU Fellowship

UU Church of Boulder

Jefferson Unitarian Church

First Unitarian Society of Denver

First Universalist Church of Denver

Columbine UU Church

Prairie UU Church

All Souls UU Church of Colorado Springs

High Plains UU Church, Colorado Springs

UU Fellowship of Durango