Awake in the World: An Inter-religious Exploration of Hinduism

While Hinduism is not a “ religion” in the same sense as the three Abrahamic religions are viewed, the broad themes and six major wisdom traditions that constitute the ongoing resilient Hindu values, outlooks, and community engagement with life can be reflectively shared. Inquiry, study, devotion, and selfless-service are all held together as paths of yoga through meditative prayer, mantra, and mindfulness training. Come explore the centuries-old practices of these Hindu lineages as wisdom and resilience for our current times.

Sreedevi Bringi is a native of South India where she received formal training in yoga, meditation, Sanskrit, and Hindu religious and spiritual traditions. As a former adjunct faculty member in religious studies at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, Sreedevi currently teaches courses, workshops, and retreats on raja yoga meditations, Vedanta, Sanskrit, yoga philosophy, Goddess traditions, and various Indian sacred texts. With graduate degrees in chemistry, atmospheric sciences, and environmental education she is keen to integrate modern quantum holist perspectives into ancient Vedanta-yoga-tantra teachings. She has just published a professional chapter in a new religious studies textbook for American universities entitled, “Beacons of Dharma”. Her chapter features Amma, an amazing charismatic woman teacher, arising from the Hindu tradition, currently having a global impact.

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