Inter-religious Exploration: Buddhism

Buddhism speaks to the dissatisfaction, stress, pain, and misery which exists in life … in general and in our own personal lives. Currently some people are experiencing stress and fear in their very own lives. Just a few examples include the political environment and upcoming election, the corona virus situation and resulting financial market plunge and other results rippling outward. Buddhism won’t change any of those current realities; but the Buddha saw underlying cause of our reactions to such situations and how those reactions cause our suffering and fear and dissatisfaction as well as our loneliness and separation. We will explore some of the teachings the Buddha offered to help us understand our suffering and to take steps to awaken from it.

Guest Speaker, Ananda Marga Callender is a meditation teacher with Rocky Mountain Insight in Colorado Springs. She found her home in Buddhism after growing up in the Catholic Faith where she spent 10 years as a nun. Upon leaving the convent, she picked threads out of various spiritual paths, searching for a spiritual home. She resisted Buddhism for quite some time until two Buddhist books fell into her lap (nearly literally). They spoke directly into her heart and shifted her life around. Currently retired from her most recent career as a chaplain to the dying, her priority is her formal practice both on and off the cushion.

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