Speaker: Rev. Julia McKay

The Transforming Path

As our congregation looses yet another staff member, this loss can resurface all the other losses that people at HPCUU have experienced, especially in the last year. For some, something more than merely time passing is required. Certainly, our church’s capacity to move forward … read more.

We are the Living Tradition!

Unitarian Universalism is referred to as
The Living Tradition. This means that ours is a faith that reveres its lineage, but which is also responding to the needs of our times and the current longings of our spirits. Today as we celebrate all that … read more.

How to be Curious About the Other

When we seek to derive wisdom from other faith traditions and other cultures, when can cultural curiosity turn sour? In a time where cultural tensions are commonplace, the good news is that “us and them” does not need to mean “us versus them.” Come explore.

Embracing the Mystery and Wonder of Life

Are you curious about what makes life tick? In Unitarian Universalism we affirm the direct experience of life’s transcending mystery and wonder as a source of spiritual renewal. It is something that is affirmed in all cultures. What does it mean to have an openness … read more.

A Hidden Wholeness

Thomas Merton has written: “There is in all visible things an invisible fecundity, a dimmed light, a meek namelessness, a hidden wholeness…This is at once my own being, my own nature, and the Gift of my Creator’s Thought and Art within me.” As Unitarian Universalists, … read more.

A Bright Future for Us!

We come on this particular Sunday to consider generosity. Sometimes we destroy something in the interest of preserving or protecting ourselves. We try to stay safe. But in reality, taking good care of our relationships and our resources is where we can most effectively create … read more.