Speaker: Rev. Julia McKay

To Whom Do We Belong?

As we navigate this inter-religious exploration, many questions can surface. We may ask not only, “Who are we?” but “Whose are we?” Come explore how spiritual community may not only bring a sense of belonging to one another, but causes us to wonder where we … read more.

Making Peace With Your Faith of Origin

It has been said that tradition has not had an easy time among Unitarian Universalists. Many of us who have come out of other forms of organized religion may understand what it feels like to be suffocated by dogma and rules that limit what we … read more.

Discerning Our Common Purpose Part II

Seeking our life path individually or collectively, as Unitarian Universalists, we responsibly search for truth and meaning. Using the spiritual practice of Quaker discernment, and our leadership retreat with Jonipher Kwong (regional rep) to inform our exploration, we will consider how to deepen our intention … read more.

May I Have This Dance With You!

Life is a constant interplay between the powers within us, for which we are responsible, and the powers outside of us, over which we have less control. But like a dance, life can be a co-creative process in which we sometimes lead and sometimes follow. … read more.

50 Years Since Stonewall

We express our gratitude for the gay and trans people who fought for human dignity in their stiletto heels fifty years ago. Come learn about this important flash point in the LGBTQ+ civil rights movement as we prepare for supporting our own at Colorado Springs … read more.

The Transforming Path

As our congregation looses yet another staff member, this loss can resurface all the other losses that people at HPCUU have experienced, especially in the last year. For some, something more than merely time passing is required. Certainly, our church’s capacity to move forward … read more.

We are the Living Tradition!

Unitarian Universalism is referred to as
The Living Tradition. This means that ours is a faith that reveres its lineage, but which is also responding to the needs of our times and the current longings of our spirits. Today as we celebrate all that … read more.

How to be Curious About the Other

When we seek to derive wisdom from other faith traditions and other cultures, when can cultural curiosity turn sour? In a time where cultural tensions are commonplace, the good news is that “us and them” does not need to mean “us versus them.” Come explore.