Early Unitarians in Colorado Springs

Who were the early Unitarians in our city, what did they do for a living, and what were important issues/social causes for them? As we near our 25th Anniversary Celebration come explore the wisdom of our ancestors of faith.

Sue Neufeld, is the only remaining founding … read more.

Inter-religious Exploration: Buddhism

Buddhism speaks to the dissatisfaction, stress, pain, and misery which exists in life … in general and in our own personal lives. Currently some people are experiencing stress and fear in their very own lives. Just a few examples include the political environment … read more.

The Altar for an Unknown God

Make a bit of room. Leave a little space. Keep a lookout for the unexpected. These directives may not sound like anything radical or revolutionary but, as it turns out, are often Life’s favorite ways to help us discern that something new is arising. Come … read more.