Worship services for each month are organized around a common theme (from the Soul Matters curriculum). Three of the four services address the theme on a religious as well as personal level. Guest speakers will be free to address the theme or choose another topic. The fourth service of the month is a music service tied to the monthly theme.

Theme based worship allows a message to be put forth in a variety of ways, a number of times. A person can miss one Sunday and not miss out on everything.


2019-20 Worship Themes


Soul Matters “Crossing Paths”

A Neighboring Faiths Curriculum


September 2019:  EXPECTATION- Unitarian Universalism & the Unity Church

October 2019: BELONGING- Exploring Christianity

November 2019: ATTENTION- Exploring Judaism

December 2019: AWE- Exploring Paganism and Native American Spirituality

January 2020: INTEGRITY- Exploring Confucianism

February 2020: RESILIENCE- Exploring Yoruba/ Black Church

March 2020: WISDOM- Exploring Buddhism

April 2020: LIBERATION- Exploring Hinduism

May 2020: THRESHOLDS- Exploring Islam

June 2020: PLAY