Heather Southard, Faith Formation Coordinator

Heather Southard

Heather started coming to church when her son was about five years old. She comes from a mixed religious household, and her husband and Heather share the same principles of spirituality. They needed a way to teach their son about the bigger picture and in a way that gives him options. High Plains was exactly what she was looking for. She got involved right away in a Parents Small Group, and then years later, finally on the Faith Formation Team. Having then been mentored on that Team, the path eventually led to helping lead the Summer program. The next natural step was to “help” the Faith Formation Team to organize the new Fall program. Heather has always been great at organization and diving into details. She loved going to Sunday School as a kid. So now, her natural talents are being put to use in a way where she can have fun and attend Sunday School again.

Contact Heather: faithformation@hpcuu.org


Contact: office@hpcuu.org


Michael Hawkins, Music Director

Michael Hawkins has been leading the HPCUU Music Ministry since August 2018.  As Music Director, he oversees HPCUUs music program and works closely with the Worship Team. Michael studied Electronic Production and Design at Berklee College and Music with an emphasis on sound design and cinematic mixing. He is a Colorado Springs native who teaches piano and recording arts through the Colorado Springs Conservatory and R.P. Lee Youth Center on PAFB. Michael is pleased to be able to share his talents and skills with our congregation.

Contact Michael: music@hpcuu.org


Mary Shaw, Communications Contractor

Mary has a passion for social media, digital marketing, and creative design. Her career began in traditional marketing, printing, and direct mail and grew to include: social media and digital marketing, website management and development, event marketing, and creative design. She has successfully built and managed her client’s social media presence across multiple social media networks, developing brand awareness, and communicating their vision and voice in a positive and authentic way to drive engagement with key audiences. In her spare time, you will find her biking, spending time with family and friends, hiking, and traveling.

Contact Mary: communications@hpcuu.org


Karen Holton, Bookkeeper

Karen came to High Plains in the Summer of 2015. From the first moment, she felt “at home” and became a member within two months of her first visit.  Shortly thereafter, she became a member of the finance team when it was learned she had 30 plus years of experience in bookkeeping and accounting. After being involved with finance, it became clear that the church was in need of a bookkeeper, so in June of 2017, she began the process of becoming familiar with the books and the system and took over those responsibilities in the fall of 2017. Karen continues in that capacity and hopes to do her best to assist in ensuring our fiscal good health in the coming years.

Contact Karen: books@hpcuu.org