If you are interested in becoming a member of High Plains, or in simply learning more about Unitarian Universalism, you are invited to attend “Starting Points: A Class for Newcomers” classes which are offered through out the year. Please check back for upcoming dates.

Attending the classes in no way obligates you to join the church. Regardless of prior or current membership, you are encouraged to take these classes before becoming a member of High Plains. Questions can be directed to membership@hpcuu.org.

In these classes, you will be:
  • Learning about your deepest self
  • Finding greater opening to life’s gifts
  • Serving needs greater than our own
  • Serving your needs
  • Serving the congregation
Sign up by emailing the membership team at membership@hpcuu.org, call the office at 719-260-1080.

See the UUA page on Path to Congregational Membership for more resources.