Michelle Bull

I want to care for our community and help people experience compassion and wholeness.

Heather Southard


Gloria Carpenter

I’m on the care team because I enjoy helping people.  I think it is part of my nursing nature.

Jean Muller

Being of an age when I’ve recently needed care, I now want to provide support to others in our church community who are needing care.

Bill Hein

I feel that caring for members is one of the most important functions I can perform for our church.

Care Team

The High Plains Church Care Team helps to nurture a loving, respectful religious community by providing support for members and friends in times of need, transitions, and milestones. The Care Team supports our beloved community by sending cards, making phone calls, and coordinating with Helping Hands. Members include Michelle Bull, Robin Laborde, Gloria Carpenter, Jean Muller, and Bill Hein.

Helping Hands

Helping Hands are people from the congregation who volunteer to provide meals, provide transportation to a doctor’s office or a grocery store or other necessary errand, lifting/moving heavy objects, shoveling snow, doing yard and gardening work, etc. Reimbursement is available for groceries, gas, etc. that members pay for in this work.

Lay Spiritual Care Team

For serious illness or injury, disability, hospitalization, grieving, and other major life challenges, the Lay Spiritual Care Team (a specially trained subgroup of the Care Team) can help by companioning members with a caring and accepting presence. Challenges come our way in life.  Some are manageable. Others leave us feeling very alone (maybe overwhelmed?) or demand great focus and contemplation. The Lay Spiritual Care Team is available to offer personal support to those in our congregation who are enduring these types of challenges.

If you have a need for the Care Team, or Helping Hands, or the Lay Spiritual Care Team, please email careteam@hpcuu.org.  Be sure to provide your name and contact information.

We are not alone in the life challenges we face.  Together at High Plains Church, we have the privilege of being a caring community.