Ministry Teams

Shared Ministry Team:
The mission of the Shared Ministry Team is to assist the board in assessing the overall health of the congregation and reviewing the effectiveness of the congregation’s ministries.  It serves as an impartial observer of congregational life, not advocating particular policies or issues on behalf of members or the minister. In addition, the SMT provides leadership and direction during council meetings.

Church Council:
Church Council is made up of all ministry team leads. Council meets to coordinate and align total ministries of the congregation – in our efforts to fulfill our mission.

Collaboration Team:
The mission of the Collaboration Team is to coordinate with Unity representatives to ensure the success of our two congregations sharing a building.

Faith Formation:
The mission of the Faith Formation Team is to support the Director of Faith Formation and the activities of the Faith Formation Program as it provides a safe and healthy spiritual environment for exploring and developing a foundation of faith and spiritual practice in the Unitarian Universalist tradition for the congregants of HPCUU, from infants to adults.

The mission of the Fellowship Team is to plan, promote and support activities that bring members and friends of HPCUU together socially to help deepen our connections with each other and as a spiritual community.

Greeting & Membership:
The mission of the Membership Team is to greet and reach out to our worship visitors and encourage them to be a part of our congregation

Multicultural Action Team:

The mission of the HPCUU Multicultural Action Team is to work side by side to:
    • Raise racial and cultural awareness
    • Acknowledge diversity and increase equity
    • Act for the inclusion of all

Pastoral Care:
The mission of the Pastoral Care Team is to offer personal support for members and friends in times of need, transitions, and milestones.

The mission of the Publicity Team to create and maintain the HPCUU newsletter, weekly e-blast, Facebook page, and website.

Small-Group Ministry:
The mission of the Covenant Group Team (Small Group Ministry) is to coordinate the multiple Covenant Groups that meet monthly. This coordination includes inputs from the Ministry and participants. The Covenant Group is currently using the Soul Matters materials for guiding discussions.

Worship Team: worship@hpcuu.orgWorship Team
The mission of the Worship Team is to create and lead the Sunday services in order to encourage the spiritual growth of our church community, honoring the multiplicity of spiritual paths by which we have arrived at this place.




Governance (Board Committees)

Board of Trustees:
The mission of the HPCUU Board of Trustees is to discern and articulate the annual plan for ministry, set HPCUU strategic goals, create policies and bylaws to guide the congregation’s ministry, and oversees the budgetary and financial decisions.

Finance Committee
The mission of the Finance Committee is to assist the board in its oversight of the congregation’s finances.

Personnel Committee
The mission of the Personnel Committee is to assist the board in developing personnel policies, ensuring compliance with applicable laws, and carrying out the staff grievance process as defined by these policies. The committee reports to the board has no staff management authority, and shall not participate in day-to-day personnel decision making.

Facilities Committee:
The mission of the Facilities Committee is to perform or provide repairs and modifications to our church building as necessary and rent building space to outside organizations.

Core Task Force:
We have a new group of leaders, they were originally formed to help construct and guide the “Braving Our Future” vision and mission planning process for the congregation. But in the same week, they came together, COVID-19 hit. So, Rev Julia and Gretchen Hein, Past President, asked this group to consider staying together to consult on getting us through this pandemic. They all offered a resounding, “yes!” They have considered many things in the course of their almost weekly meetings but especially staying connected, supporting stewardship, generating neighborhood groups, and keeping our community vibrant and healthy during this time. When we begin to transition back into the building (no earlier than June), they will again turn toward our future — but right now are a great support to the Board and Minister in sustaining ours now!

Please welcome these folks as members of the Core Team: Sue Neufeld, Tom Ward, John Atkinson, Rick Carpenter, Karen Clemmensen (as Shared Ministry Team rep), and Rev. Julia.