“People come to church longing for, yearning for, hoping for … a sense of roots, place, belonging, sharing and caring.
People come to a church with a search for community, not committee.” — Glenn Turner

Covenant Groups are the High Plains Church
small group ministry program.


Our small group ministry program deepens and broadens personal and communal spiritual growth. This is achieved through five primary components:

  • Listening: Deep listening is gift for both the speaker and the listener. A connection forms when we share and give this gift to each other. And, it is counter-cultural:  there are not many spaces in life where we are truly listened to.
  • Learning: People come to the church seeking spiritual growth, seeking to know themselves better, to grow into their understanding of the world and to ponder the age-old questions of faith: how to live, what to believe, how to act, what meanings we can decipher from the mystery of life.
  • Community: Small groups meet the need for connection and intimacy that is both a hunger in our society and essential to the ongoing life of a religious community.
  • Worship: Worship and ritual is central to the life of our congregation. Small group ministry augments and strengthens our shared experience.
  • Service: A life of faith is a life of service. As human beings, we seek to be of use, and a healthy congregation needs to provide avenues through which we may serve. Individual groups will often decide to provide some special service fo their choice to the congregation or the larger El Paso County community.

Covenant Groups:

 Especially because of the novel COVID-19 pandemic, Covenant Groups are a key response and support mechanism within the congregation. 

  • Focus: Covenant Groups utilize Soul Matters materials which are professionally monthly curated theme-based ministry resources. Personal sharing and exploration of the monthly theme in a small group experience happens effectively when we mutually create a safe space to delve further into our own spiritual growth and social issues. We consider our Covenant Groups “trusted circles.”
  • Format: Groups of 6-12 people meet to share hopes and hurts, discuss spiritual and life issues, and grow in relationship. Soul Matters materials provide a guide for discussion and exploration.

Covenant Groups are NOT modeled on the traditional bible study format (if any of you have that experience). Sometimes, the word “soul” can evoke those images. No – what we discuss in our groups is not dogma. Instead, our discussions are most certainly Unitarian Universalist which incorporate a pluralism of faith and belief. There is no requirement to believe in a god to live a spiritual life.

The goal is for each person to increase awareness and find deeper access to their own internal wisdom.  In fact, there are no right or wrong answers, and no need to even speak unless you wish to.  We can learn a tremendous amount just from hearing the stories of another.  Just being with others who are also seeking meaning in life roots us and inspires us.

INVITATION: A New Covenant Group is Forming! 

Whether you are new to HPCUU, a long-time community member, or just want to experience a new group, let us know if you are interested in joining this new Covenant Group. It is a two- hour per month commitment that often results in spiritual growth and long-term friendships.

For more information, on being a part of a small group please contact the co-leaders of the Small Group Ministry Team at: sgm-steering@hpcuu.org.