Pastoral Team

The High Plains Pastoral Care Team helps to nurture a loving, respectful religious community by providing support for members and friends in times of need, transitions, and milestones. Challenges come our way in life.  Some are pretty manageable. Others leave us feeling very alone (maybe overwhelmed?) or demand great focus and contemplation.

The Care Team is available to offer personal support to those in our church who are enduring grieving, illness, injury, disability, major life changes, relocation—the list goes on.

The Team can help with lifting/moving heavy objects, bringing occasional meals, offering a listening ear, shoveling snow, doing yard and gardening work, providing transportation to a doctor’s office or a grocery store or other necessary errands, offering hospital visits, etc.

Please know that if you have such a need, you can talk to someone on Sunday who is wearing a Care Team name tag, call the church office (719-260-1080), or email Michelle Bull at  Be sure to provide your name, contact phone number(s), and email address if you have one.

If you would like to be on the Helping Hands list for the Care Team, please fill out the blue form that is in the back-of-the-chair pockets in the sanctuary.

We are not alone in the life challenges we face.  Together at High Plains, we have the privilege of being a caring community.