Current Volunteer Opportunities!

Please contact Dawn Bergacker, our HPCUU Office Administrator, to volunteer for any of these opportunities to serve or call her at the Church Office, 719-260-1080.

  • Worship Team Setup Volunteers Needed:
    • The Worship Team would appreciate a few volunteers to help with re-setting the chairs before and after services.  Volunteers should be able to lift and stack chairs, follow directions in setup, and reset to the standard rows after the service.  Please email
  • Finance Committee:
    • Welcomes volunteers with an interest in the financial affairs and tools of the church such as Quickbooks, Ministry Tracker, insurance, personnel benefits, fundraising, depreciation, and investments.  Please email the Board of Trustees.

• Fellowship Snacks:

Each month we ask different members (based on the letter that your last names begins with, for example: September was N-R. October will be S-Z) to pick a week to bring snacks/appetizers to share after service.

Check out our monthly newsletter to see whose turn it is!

Questions about bringing a snack? Email: