High Plains Church Unitarian Universalist

Our Symbols

High Plains Church Logo with Flaming Chalice in Double Rings

The flaming chalice was first used by the Unitarian Service Committee as an underground symbol of assistance for Unitarians, Jews, and others escaping Nazi persecution during World War II.

The linked double rings have been used since the 1960’s to symbolize the union of the Unitarian and Universalist religious movements. The flaming chalice inside linked double rings was first use by the Midwestern UUA in 1962 and has become almost ubiquitous among UU congregations.

High Plains has adapted the Unitarian Universalist double circle with a flaming chalice superimposed on Pikes Peak as a background. Hence our slogan: "One Mountain Many Paths."

Our own church chalice reflects the theme of a flame within double rings. The theme of a flaming chalice, is used in a number of art works that hang inside our sanctuary. The symbols within a circle representing the wisdom of all the worlds religions is the basis for a number of cartouches that also hang on the walls of our sanctuary. Click on the links to the left for more information.