High Plains Church Unitarian Universalist

Wall Hangings

Fellowship Wall

These seven banners (titled “Experiences of Wholeness”) proclaim the identity, aspirations and activities of the members of our church. Adapted from our logo, the graphical representation of Pikes Peak pays homage to the slogan “One mountain—many paths” and to our unique location at the foot of Pikes Peak. The words across the top of the banners paraphrase our church’s covenant: “Love is our spirit and service is our calling...” The words across the bottom indicate our aspirations to “Welcome,” “Nurture,” “Inspire,” and “Act.” Viewed from left to right the banners tell a story of our church life.

Banners One, Two and Three illustrate important elements of our weekly worship services: lighting our chalice, sharing music and engaging our children.

Banner Four illustrates the central aspects of our worship: intellectual inspiration represented by the pulpit, emotional fulfilment symbolized by a bouquet of flowers, spiritual wholeness signified by a candle and flame, and finally, music that expresses our values as exemplified by the hymnal and the song “Spirit of Life”.

Banners Five, Six and Seven illustrate our members’ broad commitment to welcoming others, engaging in social advocacy and serving our community.

Front Banners

The front banners were designed to provide an art focal point for the Sanctuary. A different set is hung for each season. Rainbow chevrons, most often used as part of the Spring banners, were specifically chosen to symbolize our commitment to being a "welcoming congregation." The lectern is decorated with a flaming chalice logo hanging woven by Maryse Levenson for the church's 10th anniversary.

Side Wall Banners

HPCUU quilters chose the design because it represents a family with children and children programs have been important to our members.