High Plains Church Unitarian Universalist

Small Groups

At High Plains we offer several different ways for folks to make new friends in smaller group settings.

Special Interest Groups.

We have activities that focus on areas of special interest such as: golfers, hikers, stitchers, book clubs, writing groups, etc. If you have a special interest, you can probably find (or start) a group of like-minded folks who would like to get together. To participate, contact: Small Group Steering Committee

Covenant Groups

Covenant Groups meet to explore questions that deepen our spiritual and personal connections with one another. Information is available at the Welcome Table or by filling out The Covenant Group Sign-up Form.

Covenant Groups are about:

  • creating space for seeking truth through loving, facilitated, and focused dialogue on a wide range of soulful, religious, and relational subjects.
  • listening and speaking ~ using your voice and listening deeply.
  • in the larger context, they are about mutuality of seeking the ultimate through the intimate and vice versa.
Give yourself a chance to connect with other members and be listened to on topics you may never have been able to discuss with any other group.

The three basic “legs” of our Covenant Group programs are:

  • Ultimacy – where we explore the meaning of “larger” questions of life,
  • Intimacy – where we develop personal connections
  • Inspired Action – where we, as a group, give back to the community or HPCUU.
We will attempt to fill two human hopes – for deep connection, where we can be truly known and accepted for who we are and for spiritual exploration, time to reflect on issues of profound significance to our lives.

We invite you to become involved with one or more of the small group activities to help you establish those personal connections that are important to each of us as humans.