High Plains Church Unitarian Universalist

Environmental Work

Respecting and protecting our environment is of major importance to HPCUU members. The following projects highlight our members’ commitment to those goals.

Green Outreach

The church has done a number of “environmentally friendly” things such as the following: it is set up for ongoing recycling, programmable thermostats were installed, and it was carpeted with reused floor carpet. Currently, a group of members and friends has formed a “Green Sanctuary” team, with the purpose of involving the congregation in the process of implementing the necessary assessments and congregational projects in the areas of Worship, Religious Education, Environmental Justice, and Sustainable Living in order to achieve Green Sanctuary status. If you are interested in working with this team, contact Julie Feuerbach, Social Justice Coordinator, at socialjustice@hpcuu.org.

Electronics Recycling

The church provides an electronics recycling service to the community every two years. The facility that disassembles the electronics employs people with autism and other disabilities. To assist with the project or learn more, contact Larry Sargent at recycling@hpcuu.org.