3rd Sunday Donation Program

The goal of this program is to support non-profit organizations whose missions align with UU principles and purposes.  HPCUU accomplishes this every 3rd Sunday by inviting a representative of a non-profit to speak for a few minutes about what their organization does, after which the offering is taken and donated to that non-profit.

The 3rd Sunday coordinators keep track of which organizations are scheduled on which Sundays.  This helps HPCUU to maintain a balance in the types of non-profit organizations that we support, spreading them between:

  • Advocacy, education, outreach, and service type efforts
  • Subjects of interest to the congregation, like poverty, the environment, human rights, peace/conflict resolution, interfaith cooperation, health/disease prevention, animal welfare, literacy, etc.
  • Mostly local organizations, with a few statewide, national and international organizations.

Once a year, or more often as needed, the 3rd Sunday coordinators solicit input from the congregation on non-profits they would like HPCUU to support with a 3rd Sunday donation.  In addition, we respond to inquiries from the congregation about 3rd Sundays and procedures.

Here is a shortlist of organizations we have contributed to in the past:

Contact Gail Ballare for more information or to suggest a non-profit organization.