Covenant Groups – Your Soul Matters!

Fall is the best season to join a covenant group for the first time or shift to a new group to deepen friendships with other folks if you so choose. So please consider what you would like to do for our upcoming church year.
Contact for more information or to sign up with a group.

Journaling Workshop

Mindful Journaling Workshops are an opportunity for personal reflection and group support. These workshops are held online monthly, 9:30 am to 11:00amMT

• August 13th
• September 17th
• October 8th
• November 12th
• December 10th

Journaling is one of the most recommended activities for those processing challenges in life, though many people find it difficult to start and/or maintain this practice. Journaling helps us to see and know ourselves. It is a way to expand on half-formed thoughts — bringing to light parts of ourselves that reside only in our unconscious mind. Once acknowledged we can start to work with those once hidden emotions and beliefs in a new way.

In this workshop, we will talk about the value and the practice of journaling. We will have several short writing sessions (that won’t require sharing). Using the zoom break-out room feature, you will share with other group participants what you noticed and what surprised you during the writing exercise. Please bring a willingness to connect with others and a journal with blank pages (or writing paper) and a pen.