Journaling Workshop

Meets monthly, usually on first Saturday of each month
but will be taking a break in September and resume in October

Journaling helps us to see and know ourselves. It is a way to expand on half-formed thoughts — bringing to the light parts of ourselves that reside only in our unconscious mind. Once acknowledged, we can start to work with those once hidden emotions and beliefs in a new way. In this workshop we will talk about the value and the practice of journaling. We will have several short writing sessions (that won’t requiring sharing). Please bring a journal with blank pages and a pen.Cost is $10 per class for members of HPUCC and Unity; $15 for nonmembers.

Please pre-register for the Journaling Workshop and Facing Death with Life classes classes by emailing or
Sonya Bergeron will be leading both the Journaling Workshop and the Facing Death with Life classes.
She recently completed her graduate requirements at Naropa University and she will be receiving a Master of Divinity degree in December 2019.

Parent (Loss of a Child) Bereavement Group

Zoom meet

A monthly grief support group for bereaved parents, adult siblings, and grandparents is now forming. Group meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. It is free and open to the public. So please invite others to join us as we offer care, support, understanding and hope to other bereaved parents, siblings, grandparents. We will be journeying together to find our way to a positive resolution of our grief. Zoom meeting led by Sonya Bergeron. Email her at: to get Zoom meeting link and/or additional meeting information.

HiP Core Team

We have a new group of leaders, they were originally formed to help construct and guide the “Braving Our Future” vision and mission planning process for the congregation. But in the same week they came together, COVID-19 hit. So, Rev Julia and Jill Forney, Past President, asked this group to consider staying together to consult on getting us through this pandemic. They all offered a resounding, “yes!” They have considered many things in the course of their almost weekly meetings but especially staying connected, supporting stewardship, generating neighborhood groups, and keeping our community vibrant and healthy during this time. When we begin to transition back into the building (no earlier than June), they will again turn toward our future — but right now are a great support to the Board and Minister in sustaining our now!

Please welcome these folks as members of the Core Team: Sue Neufeld, Sonya Bergeron, Tom Ward, John Atkinson, Julie Dufford, Greg Dufford, Jill Forney, Sam Dianda, Michelle Bull, Karen Clemmensen (as Shared Ministry Team rep), and Rev. Julia.