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September 12th Outdoor and/or Indoor In-Person Services Put on Hold

COVID and Air Quality Impacting the In-Person Return to Services


The HPCUU Board of Directors is following the UUA guidelines and UUA churches along the Front Range in not having indoor or large group outdoor gatherings while our COVID Act Now data indicates we are in the “very high risk” (red) level. In addition, Air Quality Index (AQI) this week has often been over 100 for El Paso County, which makes many of us too vulnerable to be outside as well.  Please stay tuned about further upcoming worship service information.

Covenant Groups and Ministry Teams may still meet in person at your homes, as well at the Unity Campus if you choose. You may decide amongst yourselves whether you want to wear masks and practice social distancing. If you choose to use the Unity campus you must pack-out and clean up any time you use the building. Please contact Gretchen Hein, to schedule your time on campus, so that we may alert Unity.

We’d also like to let you know that our Board President, Rick Carpenter, was in a car accident in St. Louis on Tuesday. He’s had suffered moderate injuries, is not in the ICU, and hopes to be released from the hospital this Friday. Reverend Julia spoke with him today and his sense of humor is intact!!! Please send your Best Wishes for a speedy recovery.

In Peace,

Gretchen Hein

HPCUU Past President


After much research, the board has decided that we should not have potlucks at gatherings at this time… The CDC guidance says to Avoid situations at a gathering where utensils are shared, and people congregate, like buffets, etc. Also, given the fact that El Paso County is #2 in positivity and incidence in the state and that breakthrough cases have gone from 3% of cases to 20% of cases, we think this is the correct decision at this time.
We understand that potlucks are a staple of the church get-togethers, but with the Delta variant allowing fully vaccinated people to carry the virus and infect others unknowingly, it is too risky at this time.
We monitor the El Paso County Health website and the CDC website weekly. Hopefully, the risks of transmission will decrease over the next few months.
The links for the El Paso County Health dashboard and CDC Small Group Guidance are below if you would like to review the research and recommendations.
Thank you for your understanding.
Rick Carpenter
President HPCUU Board of Trustees

Summer Building Usage and
Soft Opening in September
This summer will be a practice for us to feel comfortable at in-person gatherings. Starting this month, Reverend Julia will offer a Pet Blessing Service for us outside the church on June 20, 2021, at 3:30 pm. The service will also be online in our Zoom room. Fellowship will have some lemonade and cookies for us after the service. This will be a pack-out event, which means whatever we bring in, we’ll need to take out with us. At present we don’t have trash pickup or cleaner. If you would like to volunteer please call me at 719-291-3522.


On August 22nd, Fellowship has planned quite a gathering for us, an All-Church Sunday FUUnday & Picnic at Black Forest Regional Park, 4800 Shoup Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80908. Fellowship will keep us informed of the details.


Small-Group and Ministry Teams may meet in person at your homes as well at the Unity Campus. You may decide amongst yourselves whether you want to wear masks and practice social distancing. If you choose to use the Unity campus you must pack-out and clean up any time you use the building.


Use of Unity Campus – Anyone who wants to be on Unity grounds for any reason, please contact Gretchen Hein. She is the liaison between Unity and High Plains for any summer activities at Unity Campus. She will be in contact with the Unity Office Administrator and will get it scheduled on the joint calendar with Unity. Please let her know at least three days ahead if you’d like to use the building by email her
at Gretchen H. or call her at 719-291-3522.


A Soft Opening at Unity September 12th – Ingathering Service in the Sanctuary at 3:30 pm. Mark your calendar. More to come later. For those who are not ready to meet in person, we will continue to have an online presence. Services will be on Zoom throughout the summer.


Can’t wait to see you all in person!!
HiPChurchUU Board President

News on Covid Policy from the HPCUU Board

March 22, 2021

Recently, congregants have been wondering when we will be able to return to in-person meetings. The Board pledges that we will be transparent, responsive, and deliberate about how we go about this. We value your input and value our being together. Before we make a major decision regarding meeting in person, or any other major decisions regarding our response to COVID, the Board plans to gather your thoughts through a personal call and/or survey questions. We will welcome your feedback, questions, and concerns.

The HPCUU Board will continue to follow guidelines of the CDC, the State of Colorado Department of Health (CDHP),  and the El Paso County Health Department (EPCHD) criteria for meeting in person, masking, and social distancing as we have all along. The Board will also continue to collaborate with the  Unity Board on decisions regarding the use of the campus.  As options come to our attention the Board will inform the congregation through the HPCUU Web Site, Urgent Board Updates tab.

If you haven’t gotten vaccinated yet, we hope that you all join the excitement about getting vaccinated and follow through when it’s your turn.

Rest assured, we will continue our vibrant online presence regardless.


Gretchen Hein, Board President