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News on Covid Policy from the HPCUU Board

March 22, 2021

Recently, congregants have been wondering when we will be able to return to in-person meetings. The Board pledges that we will be transparent, responsive, and deliberate about how we go about this. We value your input and value our being together. Before we make a major decision regarding meeting in person, or any other major decisions regarding our response to COVID, the Board plans to gather your thoughts through a personal call and/or survey questions. We will welcome your feedback, questions, and concerns.

The HPCUU Board will continue to follow guidelines of the CDC, the State of Colorado Department of Health (CDHP),  and the El Paso County Health Department (EPCHD) criteria for meeting in person, masking, and social distancing as we have all along. The Board will also continue to collaborate with the  Unity Board on decisions regarding the use of the campus.  As options come to our attention the Board will inform the congregation through the HPCUU Web Site, Urgent Board Updates tab.

If you haven’t gotten vaccinated yet, we hope that you all join the excitement about getting vaccinated and follow through when it’s your turn.

Rest assured, we will continue our vibrant online presence regardless.


Gretchen Hein, Board President