Big Gay Interfaith PRIDE Blessing Service

Thursday Evening, July 21st, 7:00 pm

First Christian Church Outdoor Labyrinth (16 E Platte Ave)

As we prepare for Pride, we will gather for a “Big Gay Interfaith Blessing” for the LGBTQIA2+ community in the Springs. Bring a chair or blanket!

Leadership will include Rabbi Iah Pillsbury (Temple Beit Torah), Rev Julia McKay (High Plains UU), Rev Heather McDuffee (First United Methodist), and The Highly Revered Kai Brown (Drag Me to Church).

Music from Cheerish Martin and Amanda Udis-Kessler!

From Rev Heather McDuffee “We understand that when we do Interfaith work, we courageously stand in our traditions while humbly honoring and being impacted by other traditions. We recognize that there are many paths to the Divine.

With all of that said, the institutions we serve have historically hurt the Queer community. This will be a service where different communities bring a blessing to celebrate all sexual orientations and gender expressions.

Looking forward to a Big Gay Interfaith Blessing and Glitter Dance Party with you!