Creating Prayer Flags

Join us In-Person Only at 3:30 pm

Dr. Tara Alexander will lead us in creating prayer flags with materials from Who Gives a SCRAP!  The reuse of materials is the most environmentally friendly way to reduce the waste stream.                                                

Prayer Flags are thought to have been introduced over 2,000 years ago by the Bon people of Tibet. As predecessors to the Buddhist religion, their prayer flags did not specifically honor any deity or group of deities as many think today but were simply used to relate to the elemental entities or forces of nature, to promote peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom.                                 

Contemporary Peace and Prayer Flags are often without specific religious affiliations. They are simply a way of showing loving compassion by both making and sharing these works of art. All ages and all levels of artistic ability are invited to join us in the Fellowship Hall for this community-building activity!  All materials will be provided.  However, if you have fabrics or items to help personalize your flags, you are welcome to bring them!