Cultivating a Community of Life

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To Carry and Relate — The roots of both words, “cultivate” and “relate,” carry a quality of “tending to” and “taking care of.” The roots of relate come through Latin relatus: re back, again + latus borne: carried. In other words, “to carry again and again and again.” Cultivate comes from the Latin, cultivus: tilled, and colere: to cultivate, till; inhabit; frequent; respect; tend, guard. One can glean the sense that cultivating a relationship involves breaking up clumps found traveling the ground, making a conscious effort to keep the heart space of the relationship respected, tended and guarded. It is an ever-repeating process of carrying and caring for. Rev J speaks. Please note: Care Team will do its annual update of the “Helping Hands” database for those of you who would like to extend a hand when it is needed. Please be thinking about what kind of help you like to give: from computer and IT help, to mowing a lawn, to driving someone to the doctor.

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