Discussion Sunday: Ensuring We Are A Strong Community

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Discussion Sunday: How do we use this time to ensure that we are an even stronger community for Rev Julia to come back to?

In our first Discussion Sunday, we tended to our feelings, as they are right now, as we begin navigating through this uncertain time. We also discussed what we’re proud of. What about our community and how we’re doing church work. Our community, our love for one another, is the mortar that binds us together. Now is the time for us to start dreaming. How can we be even better? How will we continue to ensure that our resilient community builds a sustainable future that fulfills our principles and tends to our needs? We are not alone. Other churches are experimenting with how they can adapt to a world ever-changing and unpredictable. Join us for this next Discussion Sunday as we look at what other churches are doing to move into the future and how we might join the experiment. Let’s continue the conversation!

Join us in the HPCUU Zoom Room. Email office@hpcuu.org for the password.