Having the Conversation

Join us for Online Worship Service

We plan for many things in our life. We plan for careers, weddings, children, college, vacations, and retirement. But many people do not plan for their own end-of-life. Maybe some believe that by thinking about it, it will cause their own demise. We know that thinking about our death will not cause us to die. But it is a hard conversation to have – with ourselves and with our families. But no matter if we want to face it or not, all of us will have to say goodbye to our life and our loved ones. On April 25th, I will share stories from the Buddhist tradition about coming to terms with death and I will reveal some insights from my work as a hospital chaplain concerning dying. Mostly I will be providing information on how you can plan and have conversations about your end-of-life health care.

Join us in the HPCUU Zoom Room. Email office@hpcuu.org for the password.