Heaven, Hell, and the Bardos of Christ Consciousness

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When people hear phrases like ‘the kingdom of heaven’ they often think of fluffy clouds, snow white angels, and Peter the keeper of the pearly gates. But what if Jesus was actually talking about something closer to the Buddhist Bardos; something real, accessible now, and within our power to create simply through a chance in perspective?

Guest Minister, The Reverend Cindy Pincus, is an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister and student of the Franciscan mystical tradition. She has served as a hospice chaplain, preacher, and teacher in the Denver/Boulder area. Services and trainings include shamanic healings, monthly teachings and workshops, and in-depth online courses in subjects such as shamanic forgiveness practices and energetic boundaries. She’s professionally trained as a wetlands ecologist, marine biologist, and finally on to theologian. She weaves these subjects together with Buddhist psychology, trauma-based healing theory, and the practice of offering blessing and prayer to support her clients, peers, and colleagues.

Rev Cindy will be preaching in person! The service will also be streamed live on Zoom for those that prefer to worship from home.

To join us Online in the HPCUU Zoom Room. Email office@hpcuu.org for the password.