Ingathering 2020: Renewal

In this year of separation, it is especially important that we intentionally renew our connections with one another. The water communion was originally created in 1980 by Unitarian Universalist women who wanted to shape new ways of practicing religion. They were looking for new and inclusive symbols that allowed them to step outside a model of religion where meaning was assigned by authority outside their own being. They wanted to create a ritual that allowed the meaning carried inside of each of them to have a chance to speak. They wanted a ritual that moved beyond lifting up the few in power, to instead lift up the significant strengths, insights and understanding, ways of coping and thinking of women and others who were undervalued. The water service is designed to experience the intermingling of our own stories, and to sense something richer in ourselves deepened by that exchange. Although we change it up each year, this annual water communion is whole church worship that renews our commitment to one another and to our faith tradition. Don’t miss this one!

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