Ingathering 2021: Emerging

Join us for Online Worship Service

We are living in a new reality. Our ability to “come out” as a people and as a church from what we had known into a new identity can be filled with anxiety, unknowing, and hope. The caterpillar’s instincts about cocooning—entering the nurturing dark of gestation—is paralleled in the stories of gestation and formation of human fetuses in the womb. The water communion service was originally created in 1980 by Unitarian Universalist women who wanted to shape new ways of practicing religion. This ingathering is designed as an invitation to the greatest service we can offer in this “new normal”: to hold space, be a soft place to land, and not be too strategically driven in order to sustain ourselves and persevere during times of worldwide chaos. 

Please Note: Due to Covid risk levels, and high AQI levels, this serivce will now be held only on Zoom. Please join us for this time of coming back together in the start of the church year.  We freely give, so that others may truly live. 

Join us in the HPCUU Zoom Room. Email for the password.