Ingathering 2022: Belonging

Join us for Online or In-Person Worship Service

On September 11th, we will celebrate our in-gathering, and we will once again participate in our traditional water communion. WaterThis in-gathering is our opportunity for establishing connection, beginning relationships and renewing our bonds as a faith community. The Unitarian Universalist water communion ritual is a time for recommitting ourselves and recommitting the work of our HPCUU congregation. You are invited to bring water (approximately 8 ounces) to represent your cherished body of water – lake, stream, or garden pond.  Sonya Bergeron will facilitate.

Sonya BergeronSonya Bergeron is a Unitarian Universalist Ministerial Candidate and is a full-time chaplain with Pikes Peak Hospice and Palliative Care. She has been a member of High Plains Church Unitarian Universalist since September 10, 2017. She found the Unitarian Universalist faith and High Plains Church UU while attending seminary at Naropa University (a Buddhist influenced seminary). Sonya considers herself a UU-Buddhist. In January 2020, the High Plains Church Unitarian Universalist Board of Trustees approved congregational sponsorship for Sonya’s Unitarian Universalist path to fellowship. This is not a financial sponsorship but indicates the Board’s confidence in Sonya’s potential and suitability for UU ministry.

Our Third Sunday donation of the Plate Collection for Westside Cares will be taken during THIS service!

To join us Online in the HPCUU Zoom Room. Email for the password.