The Ancestors of Our Ancestors Ancestors….or How did Jews get to be Jewish?

Jewish people are the people of the question. To be Jewish is to be a hopeful agnostic. Sometimes people think Judaism is full of rules, but there is just One rule…Want to know what it is for Jews, and why it matters to all of us? Join Rabbi Walli as she draws the line between the ancestors of Jewish thought and reveals how a people in Diaspora have maintained an identity for 5780 years without being of one ethnicity or living in the same place or speaking the same language.

Guest speaker on Judaism: Rabbi Dr. Walli Carranza, Ph.D. has had a vast career in academic and corporate medicine as a Health Educator, Health Coach and Certified Nurse Midwife during which she discovered the great need for authentic health reform. She was invited to serve as a touring speaker for National Health Care Reform for the Obama campaign. In 2012, entered the Jewish Spiritual Leaders Institute in NY City. Ordained after graduation in 2017, Rabbi Carranza was named as Rabbinical Innovations Fellow by the Jewish Emerging Leaders Foundation and launched ALEPH, an exciting, vibrant Jewish community (that does not consider themselves a not a congregation). Rather than build a synagogue the community focuses on outreach and service and has just completed their third trip to Juarez, Mexico to work in Centro Bienvenido. ALEPH hosts HIAS, an international organization that meets the needs of immigrants to the US and is heavily involved in the Interfaith Movement in the Springs. The High Plains and Unity communities will have the opportunity to join ALEPH for Shabbat on Nov 22nd for our World Cafe!

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