Pride Day!

This Sunday is traditionally reserved for LGBTQ+ Pride Festival in Colorado Springs. And, we had planned to “worship with our feet” this day by joining the parade downtown. Unfortunately, it turns out that our city is not having a Pride festival due to extended COVID measures. So, we are asking each of you to find some very specific way to celebrate and honor the Gay, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Queer people in your lives today. When you think about why we must still have a Pride Day, you might contemplate all the ways that denigration, exclusion, and killing of Queer folk continues to happen every day. Showing your love today is a great way to worship (…remember the word “worship” actually means “shaping worth”). May we take part in shaping the worth of ALL our LGBTQ+ family at HiPChurchUU and beyond! Please post to our FB and/or Instagram page a photo (if you have permission) of loving your Queer friends and family on this day.