Serving With Grace – Leadership as a Spiritual Practice

Join us for Online Worship Service

People come to church for many reasons: for a sense of belonging, to connect with others, to make a difference and find a way to serve. But just as often, people come to religious/ethical/spiritual community to have their lives transformed. Imagine if the practical work of the church was understood as not a “necessary evil” but an integral part of the mission of the church to spiritually nurture us? As people at HiPChurchUU have embraced this idea, the deep joy and profound aspects of leadership have come to light for many of our lay volunteers. Sometimes people who have not thought themselves to be “leaders” have grown their personhood in ways they never knew were possible. As it turns out, church is a great place to practice being someone or something new! Come explore as Rev J and HiP leaders reflect.

Join us in the HPCUU Zoom Room. Email for the password.