Showing Up for Each Other

This service will be held at Unity Spiritual Center at 1945 Mesa Road, Colorado Springs

Spirituality, for UU’s, often focuses not so much on a relationship with the transcendent, but rather the holiness of life-giving relationships with each other. After much waiting, we have finally reached this very important turning point in the life of the church as we begin the transition to making our home at Unity Spiritual Center In the Rockies. HPCUU is re-created and renewed with each friendship, each positive interaction, each meaningful conversation, and each activity that we do together. We need one another, especially right now, during this time of transition. Now is the time to claim the new future for HPCUU through our commitment to this community. Come, let’s create our community with this worship service once again as we explore the possibilities of this new location and how it will serve this congregation.

Rev. Dr. Jonipher Kwong will hold a meeting with the congregation after the service to discuss our evolving situation and help us plan our way forward.

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