The Eight Pathways of Buddhism

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From the mind of the Buddha to living a moral and wise life. Buddhist literature is vast and extends from about 500 BCE to the present.  There are many permutations of this philosophical tradition and great complexity and variety of beliefs. Resulting from an examination of a small part of Buddhist philosophy and literature; this sermon is more about what to do in life than what to believe. Siddartha Gotama, the best-known Buddha, prescribed a way to achieve Nibbana (Nirvana) by following eight paths.  These pathways include acting in moral ways, overcoming ignorance and dissatisfaction, and using meditation to acquire wisdom.  The sermon will expand on each of the paths using the words of Gotama translated from Palli texts as written by his followers and will explore the ways in which the eight paths can guide our modern lives.  

Larry SargentDr. Laurence R. Sargent (pictured here with his wife, Judy)  is retired from his long career in Special Education and Educational Leadership.  He has been
a Unitarian Universalist for 40 years and is very active at High Plains as past president of the Board of Directors, Chair of Stewardship for 3 years, managing the move to our current location, and teaching religious education.  He taught classes on religious history for HPCUU adults and for the Pillar Institute and has been seen cutting quite a few rugs at High Plains events as one of our best dancers!!

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