The Sacred Mystery of Family Meals

Join us for Online or In-Person Worship Service

This time of year can be packed full of family meals for families of all kinds; chosen family, birth family, church family, and more. These meals can be joyful, confusing, painful, or simply delicious. The one common thing is how important they are. Come join us for an exploration of ancient meals, the ritual practice of gratitude, and how Spirit is always present with Her grace when we break bread together.

Cindy PincusRev. Cindy Pincus, M.Div, is an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister and student of the Franciscan mystical tradition. She has served as a hospice chaplain, preacher, and teacher in the Denver/Boulder area. She’s professionally trained as a wetlands ecologist, marine biologist, and finally on to theologian. She weaves these subjects together with Buddhist psychology, trauma-based healing theory, and the practice of offering blessing and prayer to support her clients, peers, and colleagues.

To join us Online in the HPCUU Zoom Room. Email for the password.