The Value of Play

Join us for Online Worship Service

There is an Apache legend that the creator gave human beings the ability to talk, and to run, and to look at things. Yet the legend also says that The Creator was not satisfied until humans also had the ability to laugh. After giving them the ability to laugh, the creator said, “Now you are fit to live!” Come explore how play and laughter are essential to our physical, mental, spiritual, and relational well-being. (This sermon was purchased by the Fellowship Team at this year’s Auction, so they chose the topic.)

We will also make special time in this service to honor our graduating Seniors:
Aidan Helvey, Alicia Fesgen, and Allie Linnenburger

Please plan to stay for our Annual Congregational Meeting immediately after the service. We will vote on the 21-22 budget and the slate of new leaders, as well as, celebrate the past year and see where we are headed in the future!

Join us in the HPCUU Zoom Room. Email for the password.