Woven Fine – Our Farewell Service with Rev J

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Woven Fine — Our Farewell Service with Rev J We know each other by the stories we tell. What has shaped us. What has impressed us. What has scarred us. What has comforted us. The stories we carry are made of memories and meaning that ultimately affect the course of each of our lives. So today, let us share with one another the threads of meaning and memory that have woven this tapestry of shared ministry at HiPChurchUU these past three years. The worship service will be a dual platform. However, we are encouraging all who can be present in the sanctuary, to please do so, for nothing takes the place of human presence and affection. Following the service, will we gather for food, fellowship, and fun — and some social time and last hugs with Rev J. Rev Julia will speak.

To join us Online in the HPCUU Zoom Room. Email office@hpcuu.org for the password.