Speaker: Cindy Fesgen

The Beauty of a World Without a “Why”

The beauty in other beings exists completely for itself–not for any reason other than that the joy of existence. When we accept this non-utilitarian goodness, we tune into the raw delight in the world. “Beauty decenters our ego by helping us realize that life … read more.

Lessons and Carols

This is an all-ages gathering for those who love the joy of singing traditional Christmas carols and listening to a story of generosity and hope for humankind. And, then we will gather afterward to share some hot chocolate together in the Fellowship Hall! Come share … read more.

Catching the Vision

Some times vision comes from unexpected places — more in the felt-sense rather that from the mind. In August, about 20% of the congregation participated in a day long visioning workshop with our regional UU representative, Jonipher Kwong. Join a few of the leaders who … read more.

Favorite Educator Stories

Join Cindy and other members of our congregation as they celebrate educators and share stories of teachers who have made a difference.

Finding Your Passion: Discussion Format

What gives you joy and purpose? How are you pursuing your passion? What would it take to get on the road to following and nurturing your passion? Why is finding and following your passion important? Join Worship Associate, Cindy Fesgen for a discussion on this … read more.