Speaker: Dianne McRae


We will honor members of our congregation who have performed military service and those whose lives are formed by their connections to military life. We will also remember some of the lessons of the Armistice that ended WWI, some of what took us into that … read more.


The Gaelic name for our Halloween, Samhain is known as the Third Harvest, that of the animals. It is a time to acknowledge life and death and our own mortality, to celebrate our ancestors, and all that dies that we might live. Both Crone and … read more.

Father’s Day, Summer Solstice

The near-co-incidence of Father’s Day and the Summer Solstice give an opportunity to look at the roles of some of the old Solar Dieties
and how they’ve influenced our visions of Fatherhood. It also gives us the opportunity to re-write some of the myths of … read more.

Holiday Healing Service

We’ve built up a lot of baggage around the Winter Holidays – happy families together; health; meaningful songs and stories.
But for many folks, the holidays are a time of sad memories, fresh losses, feelings of emptiness.
On this Thursday evening, we look into the … read more.