Speaker: Rev. Ahriana Platten

A Bluest Night

The holidays often set up big expectations that are hard if not impossible to fulfill. We often experience difficult feelings in the face of tremendous loss, exclusion or separation from family, and holiday overwhelm. People sometimes keep up the smiling face or the “family front” … read more.

Bread Communion

Join us for Online Service at 3:30 pm!
A combined service with Unity & High Plains at 3:30 pm

Join with us in our second time of gathering our two communities together around special holiday traditions. This time Unity will be joining us for our fabulous annual … read more.

Ancestral Celebration

Combined Service with Unity – Rev. Julia and Rev. Ahriana

We are so excited to bring our two communities together (on zoom) to honor and celebrate our ancestors! In this powerful time of transition and change, we gather strength from those on whose shoulders we … read more.

Appreciative Inquiry

Two skills that help any of us move into our future with more resilience and hope are: curiosity and appreciation. Come discover the power and strength available — if we just ask the right questions.