Speaker: Rev. Julia McKay

Change, Grief, Blessing and Possibility

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It has been said that “change has a considerable psychological impact on the human mind: To the fearful it is threatening… To the hopeful it is encouraging… To the confident it is inspiring.” Come explore the different aspects of change … read more.

The State of the Congregation Address

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Each year at this time, we host a Worship Service followed by our mid-year annual meeting that explores the current state of our ministry and discusses future plans. For decades, we have been gathering in very specific ways. … read more.

Intention vs Impact

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We often say: “I didn’t mean to…” But it’s like bumping someone in the head with your elbow — you didn’t mean to do it, but it still hurts. Something has happened. When we are working with such sensitive issues … read more.

The Five Puzzle Pieces

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UU Religious Educator, Kirsten Hunter, says that there are five parts that make up a whole intention: Imagine. Act. Reflect. Forgive. Heal. Come explore the power of setting new year’s intentions rather than new year’s resolutions. What’s the difference?

Join us … read more.

Compassionate Joy

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What’s joy got to do with compassion? The Hebrew root for “joy,” used 54 times in the Hebrew scriptures — ‘ranan’ (pronounced ‘raw-nan’) — means “to shout, to cry out” and to “overcome.” Our shouting for joy trains the lungs … read more.

Unabashed Joy

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Joy doesn’t wait for struggle to be over. The Divine Feminine, in the face of Mary, “rejoices” in the iconic scripture passage during her pregnancy. Yet, this is a state of affairs that would have put her in a position … read more.