Speaker: Rev. Julia McKay

Embracing Possibility

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Once out of the cocoon, the new butterfly has much to do to prepare for flight. Wings are not yet ready. Small and undernourished, they long for expansion—to move beyond the awkward in-between-ness. We are living into a new thing. … read more.

Holy Envy: Faith Unwrapped

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It has been said that indigenous people have inherited theologies in which they believe themselves “born into heaven,” while Western Judeo-Christian theology perpetuates the myth of being “kicked out of heaven.”  What impact do these inherited theologies have on us … read more.

Ingathering 2021: Emerging

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We are living in a new reality. Our ability to “come out” as a people and as a church from what we had known into a new identity can be filled with anxiety, unknowing, and hope. The caterpillar’s instincts about … read more.

The Pressure of Perfection

Culture is powerful precisely because it is ever-present while at the same time appearing somewhat innocuous. Cultural characteristics can be damaging when they are used as norms and standards without being pro-actively named or chosen by a person or a group. As we return … read more.

Outdoor Animal Blessing Service

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This afternoon we are celebrating our annual Animal Blessing by gathering in person outside on the Unity Campus grounds! This will be a special Sunday to finally see one another in person and acknowledge the unique connectedness we have … read more.

The Value of Play

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There is an Apache legend that the creator gave human beings the ability to talk, and to run, and to look at things. Yet the legend also says that The Creator was not satisfied until humans also had the ability … read more.

The Anatomy of Worship Service

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Our fabulous Worship Team has done a first rate job this year-and-a-half that we have been offering virtual worship. Most of us have no idea all of the artistry that is involved! So come crawl behind the magic curtain and … read more.

The Story of Mother’s Day

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For many of us Mother’s Day comes with a heart full of complex emotions and can even be a day we avoid altogether. For others, memories of being mothered well, are happily celebrated. Today we will … read more.