Speaker: Rev. Julia McKay

Cherishing Our Connections Part II

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In this service, we will continue to explore the deep questions which have animated our hearts enough to sustain the life pulse of the church during this past year. Love is beyond physical boundaries is our triumph! During the … read more.

Coming Back to Life!

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Oestara, the Goddess from which the Vernal Equinox and Easter take their names, is filled with images of flowers blooming, bunnies hopping, and the reclamation of life in many, many forms. But, “becoming” can mean holding a tense reality … read more.

This Land has a Voice

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Come join Sebrena Forrest and Rev Julia as we take this journey together to learn some of the historical offerings about the Native peoples who first populated the land our current sanctuary sits on. We will also explore where … read more.

Cherishing Our Connections

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As we acknowledge the strange anniversary of beginning virtual worship services (one year ago this month), we hold the exciting vision of being able to push the “reset button” sometime in this coming year. We have had to make some … read more.

When We Say “We”, Who Do We Mean?

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As we delve into the work of anti-racism and Widening the Circle of Concern in our own congregation, we tend to think of ourselves as a certain kind of community. Yet, this work really starts in being able to see … read more.

Forming. Storming. Norming. Performing.

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Come explore a powerful model of group development that was first proposed by Bruce Tuckman in 1965, who said that these four phases are not only necessary but inevitable in order for any partnership, team, or community to grow, face … read more.

Music Has Been My Refuge

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To celebrate her second anniversary of her ministry with High Plains Church, Rev Julia will speak from the heart about her personal journey from music teacher to performer to minister. Rev Julia addresses how music (and artistry of any … read more.

The Magic of Re-imagination

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As we rededicate our lives to moving forward in a new year after a very tough era, we pause. How things have originally been imagined may have become distorted or stagnant and need to be re-imagined again. What in this … read more.

Winter Solstice: The Return of Awe

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When the ancients saw the sun turn — finally, saw our big star stop dropping down on the horizon and instead begin to slowly climb higher in the sky — people rejoiced! They remembered that they were part of the larger cycles of … read more.