Speaker: Rev. Julia McKay

An Equal World Is An Enabled World

On this International Women’s Day, as well as the Centennial of the Women’s Vote in the United States, we can actively choose to celebrate women’s achievements and continue to challenge stereotypes, fight bias, broaden perceptions, and improve situations of women in a world where women … read more.

Resilience in a Chaotic Climate!

Whether we are struggling with something personally or professionally, worried about the state of affairs in our country and world, or grieving environmental neglect and the loss of species on our planet — there are times in our lives when garnering certain skills are crucial … read more.

Appreciative Inquiry

Two skills that help any of us move into our future with more resilience and hope are: curiosity and appreciation. Come discover the power and strength available — if we just ask the right questions.

Life’s Longing for Itself

As we move forward into a pivotal year for both our congregation and our country, there is one thing we can be absolutely sure of. So, as we set foot across this threshold into the new year, let’s explore the one miracle we Unitarian Universalists … read more.

Our Blueish Holiday

The holidays often set up big expectations that are hard if not impossible to fulfill. People sometimes keep up the smiling face or the “family front” just to look like they are creating what a holiday should be, but inside they are feeling differently. Ironically, … read more.

The Illusion of Traveling Alone

Today we will look at what to do about the problem of journeying through this life with the illusion that we are traveling alone. As we look into our theme of “awe” this month, Rev Julia reflects on numinous experiences that help us to know … read more.