Speaker: Rev. Julia McKay

The Pressure of Perfection

Culture is powerful precisely because it is ever-present while at the same time appearing somewhat innocuous. Cultural characteristics can be damaging when they are used as norms and standards without being pro-actively named or chosen by a person or a group. As we return … read more.

Outdoor Animal Blessing Service

Join us for this Outdoor Worship Service

This afternoon we are celebrating our annual Animal Blessing by gathering in person outside on the Unity Campus grounds! This will be a special Sunday to finally see one another in person and acknowledge the unique connectedness we have … read more.

The Value of Play

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There is an Apache legend that the creator gave human beings the ability to talk, and to run, and to look at things. Yet the legend also says that The Creator was not satisfied until humans also had the ability … read more.

The Anatomy of Worship Service

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Our fabulous Worship Team has done a first rate job this year-and-a-half that we have been offering virtual worship. Most of us have no idea all of the artistry that is involved! So come crawl behind the magic curtain and … read more.

The Story of Mother’s Day

Video of Service Coming Soon

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For many of us Mother’s Day comes with a heart full of complex emotions and can even be a day we avoid altogether. For others, memories of being mothered well, are happily celebrated. Today we will … read more.

Your Minister is a Human!

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The old role of the priesthood was to be the intermediary for God — that some how there was a special direct line to The Holy that others don’t have. Bull. That was about authority and control not … read more.

Cherishing Our Connections Part II

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In this service, we will continue to explore the deep questions which have animated our hearts enough to sustain the life pulse of the church during this past year. Love is beyond physical boundaries is our triumph! During the offertory … read more.

Coming Back to Life!

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Oestara, the Goddess from which the Vernal Equinox and Easter take their names, is filled with images of flowers blooming, bunnies hopping, and the reclamation of life in many, many forms. But, “becoming” can mean holding a tense reality — … read more.

This Land has a Voice

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Come join Sebrena Forrest and Rev Julia as we take this journey together to learn some of the historical offerings about the Native peoples who first populated the land our current sanctuary sits on. We will also explore where … read more.