Speaker: Sonya Bergeron

Ingathering 2022: Belonging

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On September 11th, we will celebrate our in-gathering, and we will once again participate in our traditional water communion. This in-gathering is our opportunity for establishing connection, beginning relationships and renewing our bonds as a … read more.

The Buddha’s Teachings

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The Buddha’s teaching of the Divine Abidings – loving-kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, and equanimity. According to Buddhist philosophy, our basic nature is good and pure. Though sometimes, our basic nature of goodness is overshadowed by one or more of the … read more.

Having the Conversation

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We plan for many things in our life. We plan for careers, weddings, children, college, vacations, and retirement. But many people do not plan for their own end-of-life. Maybe some believe that by thinking about it, it will cause their … read more.

Memorial Day, All is Well, Safely Rest


Our human experience includes pain and struggle. Still an inner peace is available to us no matter how turbulent the storms or challenges that surround us.

Sonya Bergeron is a Ministerial Aspirant in the Unitarian Univeralist tradition, which means she has just started on the path … read more.

Our Blueish Holiday

The holidays often set up big expectations that are hard if not impossible to fulfill. People sometimes keep up the smiling face or the “family front” just to look like they are creating what a holiday should be, but inside they are feeling differently. Ironically, … read more.