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Cherishing Our Connections Part II

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In this service, we will continue to explore the deep questions which have animated our hearts enough to sustain the life pulse of the church during this past year. Love is beyond physical boundaries is our triumph! During the … read more.

Coming Back to Life!

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Oestara, the Goddess from which the Vernal Equinox and Easter take their names, is filled with images of flowers blooming, bunnies hopping, and the reclamation of life in many, many forms. But, “becoming” can mean holding a tense reality … read more.

We Are Climbing to The Mountain Top!

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Come hear about the new collaborative racial justice ministry of the UURJ (UU’s United for Racial Justice) in the Colorado Front Range cluster. Meet the Minister of this burgeoning BIPOC community, Jen Simon (they/them, she/her), and hear about the … read more.