Right now we are gathering together online to worship the spirit of life and love, which calls us to lives of openness, integrity, compassion, and justice. Our worship services are celebrations, a time and a place where all who seek wholeness are welcome. If you come to a service, you can expect:

Time – We start at 3:30 pm and finish by 4:30 pm each Sunday.

Reflection Space & Fellowship Time – After each service, we offer two different options to connect with others in the congregation. Reflection space is a time when we discuss topics from the day. Fellowship is a time to connect over coffee or wine.

Music – Our choir engages us with special music, we sing songs together and we have a variety of musicians who perform and enliven our spirits.

Celebrating Community – Children and adults share the major events of their lives: births and deaths, milestones, hopes and hurts. This reminds us of the importance of community and draws us together.

Reflection – Our minister, or guest speaker, shares the good news of Unitarian Universalism and how it impacts our lives.

The format of our services is a lot like many other churches. It’s the content that’s different! Dress at our church is casual – come as you are.

Coming to a worship service is the best way to find out about us. If you are a newcomer, check in with our Hospitality Team, you will be warmly welcomed! We hope to see you soon!